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Nowhere is the dynamic relationship between golfer and environment more closely knit than on a true links course. To walk beside the ocean with a brisk breeze on your cheek and firm, sandy turf beneath your feet is to experience golf not only as it was hundreds of years ago but arguably as it should be today – a simple, beguiling game in need of no embellishment. Designed to be walked and intended to be played with a caddie, whose knowledge of the course’s intricacies  and history will make for an enriching round, links courses call to all five senses. Not only does walking pay homage to the game’s humble beginnings overseas, it allows for an immersive experience that simply cannot be matched in a power cart. Walking a links course allows the golfer to think strategically, and embrace the elements every step of the way. Truly immersed and surrounded by Cape Breton’s beauty, you’ll be inspired to be creative and challenged to reach further. Some call it tradition; others call it minimalism. we call it simply Golf, the Cabot Way. 

For information on walking golf and securing caddies or medical carts for your round, please visit our Before You Book page.

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Cabot Links Learn More

Cabot Links

Set against a picturesque landscape, this is golf as it was meant to be. It is a place that speaks to golf’s elemental and undeniable truth: that to truly play linksland golf is to experience the game in its most visceral sense.

Bold. Majestic. Captivating. Inspiring.

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Cabot Cliffs Learn More

Cabot Cliffs

An 18-hole invitation to take the road less traveled. Experience the freedom of unfamiliar terrain beneath your feet and uncommon beauty as far as the eye can see. Exquisitely carved out of the breathtaking Cape Breton landscape, from high cliffs to rolling sand dunes.

Golf. Redefined. Reshaped. Reimagined.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then seeing the real thing is priceless. Until you can come see for yourself, we have some breathtaking images to explore:

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Caddie Services Learn More

Caddie Services

Caddies at Cabot Links are expertly trained and as such, offer invaluable insight with regard to pin placements, yardage, strategy, club selection and, last but not least, moral support!

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Links Golf Learn More

Links Golf

Golf in the twenty-first century is played on more than 30,000 courses worldwide. Only 246 of them—less than 1 percent—may be classified as links. Formed more by Mother Nature than man, the original links along the coast of Scotland were the game’s crucibles, where golf as we know it was born. In the hearts and minds of golf purists, they are the only real and true courses—all others are imitations. Ask Tiger Woods for his favorite place to play, and he’ll name a links. Jack Nicklaus will do the same, as will thousands of rank-and-file golfers.

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