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Artisan Trail

Artisan Trail

Art and craft tend to mirror the heritage, lifestyle, and geography of the region in which the artists live and work.  Nowhere is this more evident than on Cape Breton Island with its stunning landscapes, rich history, and traditions that have fostered a dynamic creativity among its craftspeople.  Explore Cape Breton craft and be inspired by some of Nova Scotia’s finest creative talent. See one of our guest services agents for a map of the many unique and stops along the artisan trail.

Galloping Cows

Galloping Cows Fine Foods started out small, from their home kitchen nestled in the seaside town of Port Hood, Cape Breton lsland. Transformed from a small country market to a darling of fine foods retailers across the country, Galloping Cows offers a delightful array of sauces and preserves at their location just south of Inverness.  Taste the difference a little adventure makes!

Larchwood Cutting Boards

Larch Wood, located on the banks of the Margaree River, specializes in ‘end grain’ cutting boards and the custom work of their craftspeople.  Their small, select group of talented tradespeople work exclusively with the native Eastern Canadian Larch Tree which grows in the area in abundance. Traditionally Larch was used in boat building and other exterior applications such as decking and fence posts. Noted for its rot resistance, strength and ability to neutralize bacteria Larch has all the characteristics needed to produce a superior cutting surface.  The bold grain patterning and the natural coloring of the larch, along with its renowned durability, was the initial inspiration behind the product. Each individual board is carefully hand-matched to create a unique work of functional art. Since introducing the boards in 2003 they have quickly become a best seller in many shops and galleries across Canada and the US.

Firehouse Ironworks

Blacksmiths once played an incredibly important role in community life in Cape Breton and, for that matter, throughout the world.  They provided everything from the nails needed to build a house to the forks used to dine.

At Firehouse Ironworks, you can apprentice with local blacksmith Grant Haverstock and experience what it was like to work in a traditional blacksmith shop.  Providing custom Ironworks and quality training, Firehouse allows you to experience the ancient craft of blacksmithing in the neighbouring village of Whycocomagh.

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