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We have had a couple of nice pieces on Cabot, for those of you who may have missed them, here are some choice quotes and links to the full stories!

"To play the game of golf at Cabot Links on the east coast of Canada is not only a swing back in time, it’s also a great place to experience the drama of the sport."

Karen Loftus Architectural Digest

The Globe and Mail

"Welcome to Cabot Links, a golf resort that conventional wisdom says shouldn't exist, but which so brilliantly evokes the game's Scottish linksland heritage that connoisseurs can hardly believe it's barely five years old."

James McCarten Golf world falls for Cabot Cliffs Globe and Mail

"Canada shines again. Cabot Cliffs, the newest 18-hole course in Inverness, Nova Scotia, is Golf Inc Development of the Year Best of Show winner."

Laira Martin 2015 Development of the Year Golf Inc

"Welcome to Cabot Cliffs, the headline attraction at a 36-hole hangout on Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island that boasts about four kilometres of rugged oceanside wow-factor and an equally lengthy — maybe even longer — scroll of awards and accolades."

Wes Gilbertson It's no wonder Nova Scotia is a golfer's must-play destination Calgary Sun

Source Golf

"Golfers, when they have to walk, enjoy doing so. Isn’t this one reason why places such as Bandon Dunes in Oregon and Cabot Links in Cape Breton Island are popular?"

Lorne Rubenstein On walking, the best medicine SCOREGolf

"Strung along Cape Breton’s rugged northwest coast, Cabot Cliffs is a topographical masterpiece, boasting forested glades, low-lying dunes, deep ravines and ragged cliffs with expansive views of the sea."

Andrew Penner The best of Cabot Cliffs Westjet Magazine

Golf Digest

"Midway through my maiden round at Cabot Cliffs, strung along ocean bluffs above the town of Inverness, Nova Scotia, I became overwhelmed by an emotion best described as giddy...The sense of awe and discovery was so intense."

Ron Whitten Best New Course 2015: Cabot Cliffs Golf Digest

Source Golf

"Who wouldn’t return to Links and Cliffs? Certain places in the game call us back, time and time again."

Lorne Rubenstein Cabot Cliffs: An edge course SCOREGolf

Source Golf

"Cabot Cliffs is a course that will overload your senses with views...The experience is enthralling and exhilarating.

Jason Logan Wow Factor Personified SCOREGolf

The Globe and Mail

"It’s not just a golf course; it’s a celebration of Cape Breton."

Guy Nicholson Cape Breton's new golf course: stunning scenery, exhilarating play Globe and Mail

"Before I left Cabot, a few of us sat around a table and played course match play, going hole-by-hole, Pebble Beach vs. Cliffs. Cliffs won holes 1 through 5. Pebble won holes 6 through 10. It was 5 to 5 going to the 11th tee. Cliffs won 11 through 17 and Pebble took the 18th. Cliffs wins 12-6."

Matt Ginella Cabot Cliffs debuts among North America's best Golf Advisor

"Every hole has a possible wow factor overload. Every shot has the potential for excitement. There can be no better testament to a great course than the fact that you just want to play it again and again."

Bob Weeks Cabot Cliffs is a masterpiece TSN

Golf Digest

"The reason Cabot Cliffs is the most anticipated new course of 2015 is that we've seen it all before—just not in one location."

Ron Whitten Cabot Cliffs: Instant Classic Golf Digest

The New York Times

"Cabot Links — one of a handful of new courses opening in North America this year — is a resort-quality, high-end layout designed to be a true links golf course, a boutique category of oceanside golf architecture exceedingly rare outside the British Isles."

Bill Pennington "The Increasing Allure of Faraway Fairways" New York Times

Source Golf

"To me, Cabot Links is simply the best golf I have experienced."

Bob Weeks "Cabot Comes True" SCOREGolf


“Cabot Links is a spectacular success – and it is only just out of the gates.”

Robert Thompson "Cabot Links opens and brings Scottish golf to Cape Breton Island"


"On this continent, seaside-links golf of Cabot’s caliber is matched only by Bandon Dunes. Heading east, the next stop would be Ballybunion, in Ireland."

Thomas Dunne "Exceptional Golfing in Nova Scotia" Departures

The Globe and Mail

"Golf course brings hope - and jobs - to Cape Breton community."

Jane Taber "Golf course brings hope - and jobs - to Cape Breton community" Globe and Mail

Wall Street Journal

"Cabot Links, a true oceanside links."

John Paul Newport "When Building a Course Makes Sense" Wall Street Journal

Toronto Star

"Cabot Links is the most talked-about course in Canada - and it's not even open yet."

Robert Thompson "A Legend in the Making" Toronto Star

Sports Illustrated

"Turn loose Bandon Dunes' Mike Keiser on any coastal property and the result is likely to be successful."

Joe Passov "The Class of '13" Sports Illustrated

Club Link Life

“Cabot Links may be the best true links in North America.”

John Gordon "Editor's Page" Clublink Life

Westjet up

"Conceived as this country's answer to Oregon's Bandon Dunes, Cabot is Canada's first true coastal links course-think timeless, iconic classics like Pebble Beach Golf Links and Scotland's Royal Aberdeen-and belongs atop every serious golfer's bucket list."

James McCarten "Ultimate Golf Guide" WestJet up!

Toronto Sun

“There has never been a new golf course in Canada that has captured as much attention, headlines and hype as Cabot Links.”

Chris Stevenson "Turning a dream into a dream course in Nova Scotia" Toronto Sun

Fairways and Greens

"Cabot Links is bound for Bandon-level success."

Vic Williams "Cape Breton Island Golf" Fairways & Greens

The Globe and Mail

"Has any Canadian golf course been more eagerly anticipated than Cabot Links?"

Brian Kendall "Canada's first links course is a golf purist's paradise" Globe and Mail

Andrew Harper

"Bandon Dunes builder Mike Keiser’s latest effort on Cape Breton in Nova Scotia is yet another deeply impressive seaside course that presents golf in its more traditional and most enjoyable form."

Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report

National Post

"The World -or at least that part interested in golf -is watching."

Robert Thompson "Cape Breton's Big Bet" National Post

Toronto Star

"The dream continues to grow."

Ian Cruickshank "Canada's newest links to the past" Toronto Star

True Links

“...the golf world is eagerly awaiting the debut of Cabot Links. Located on the west coast of Cape Breton Island, it will be Nova Scotia’s—and Canada’s—first links. Like St Andrews and Lahinch, this course will be wedged between a town and the sea.”

Malcolm Campbell and George Peper True Links

Golf Digest

“What’s going on with Mike Keiser’s project in Nova Scotia?” I get that question as often as I get “Where should I go next?”

Matt Ginella "Where's Matty G" Golf Digest

Source Golf

“...situated on sandy swath of land between the town of Inverness and the sea it will be Canada’s first true links. And from what I saw during a site tour, the Rod Whitman design is going to be brilliant.”

Jason Logan "Cape Breton Charm" SCOREGolf

Ontario Golf Magazine

“The course shaping is complete and the fescue grass is now being planted at Canada's most anticipated new course, Cabot Links. Situated in the town of Inverness on the west coast of Cape Breton Island, N.S., this Scottish throwback--a public, walking-only design--provides ocean views of every hole, eight of which play directly along the warm waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, with a beach below separating land and sea. That sandy soil makes it a true links course-the only one of its kind in Canada.”

Ted McIntyre Ontario Golf

Golf World

"Tipped by the cognoscenti, to become Canada's top course."

Golf World (U.K.)

Source Golf

"Canada's Next Great Golf Course."


Golf Course Architecture

"Cabot Links: the new Scotland?"

Adam Lawrence Golf Course Architecture

Golf World

"The opening of Mike Keiser’s Cabot Links will be a boon for golf in Nova Scotia."

Golf World (USA)

Canadian Golfer

"...with holes against which all others in Canada - and perhaps in the world - will be judged."

Robert Thompson Going for the Green

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