Covid-19 Policies

Cabot Cape Breton is committed to providing a safe environment for our guests and team. We have outlined our COVID-19 health and safety procedures below and we will update these regularly, as Federal and Provincial policies evolve.If you have any questions about these, or any other Cabot policies, please feel free to contact us.

New this year – In addition to our updated health and safety procedures, Cabot Cape Breton is requiring that all guests sign the 2020 Participation Waiver before playing golf or staying on property. If you have an upcoming reservation and/or tee time at Cabot Cape Breton, we encourage you to sign the waiver now.

A link to this document will also be sent to you via email in advance of your check-in date.

Please Note: Masks must be worn in all indoor spaces and in outdoor spaces where physical distancing cannot be maintained. There are some exceptions, including when individuals are seated and eating/drinking indoors

Property Wide Practices:

Ongoing resort disinfecting protocols:

Our team has increased the frequency of routine cleaning with approved antimicrobial products, sanitization, and disinfection of all locations, especially all common and high
traffic areas, frequently touched surfaces, including door handles, counters, telephones,

  • All public areas will be cleaned on a regular and frequent basis to ensure proper sanitation practices.
  • All public areas will offer disposable hand towels for the 2020 season.
  • Cleaning/steaming schedules are in place for guest seating areas (benches & fabric chairs).

Precautionary Measures:

  • Masks must be worn in all indoor spaces and in outdoor spaces where physical distancing cannot be maintained. There are some exceptions, including when individuals are seated and eating/drinking indoors
  • All Cabot Staff are required to monitor symptoms daily and will be subject to regular temperature checks.
  • If a guest or team member exhibits symptoms or contracts COVID 19, Cabot will follow all Public Health Directives.
  • Physical distancing must be adhered to at all times.
  • All Staff and guests are prohibited from shaking hands. Both are encouraged to find alternate methods of greeting such as a warm hello or a wave.
  • Sanitation Stations will be located in all guest areas on property, as well as all staff areas.
  • Stationary Payment Terminals will be wiped down after each use.
  • All guests are encouraged to use debit/credit cards as method of payment on property. Many of our outlets are moving to a “no-cash” operation.
  • All staff will have access to personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, gloves, and shoe covers where necessary.

Arrival Experience:

  • All guest shuttles will be cleaned between each drop off and pick up.
  • Mercedes vehicles will be cleaned between each use. The vehicles will also be equipped
    with sanitation supplies for guest use and safety.
  • Drivers will open and close doors of all shuttles. Guests will load and unload their clubs and luggage unless assistance is required. If assistance is required, the drivers will wear gloves to reduce points of contact.
  • Bell staff carts will be cleaned and sanitized between each guest pick up and drop off and deep cleaned and disinfected daily at the wash pad.

Hotel Operations

Front Desk:

  • The Front Desk will be equipped with Plexiglass shields.
  • Check-in is at 3:30PM and check-out is at 10:30AM.
  • The staff will exercise hand hygiene practices between every guest transaction.
  • The staff will perform hand hygiene every 60 minutes or between every guest transaction.
  • The Front Desk area will be disinfected every hour.
  • Bottled water will be available for guests upon request at the front desk.
  • Guests will receive an electronic copy of their preliminary bill, the day prior to departure. This will allow for express check out as well as reducing the guest points of contacts during the billing process.
  • Upon check out, guests will be required to drop their key in the key box. Keys will be sanitized before reuse.

Guest Lounge:

  • Access to the guest lounge washroom/locker facilities will be limited to one guest at a time.
  • The Nespresso machine will be removed from the guest lounge. Coffee will be
    available throughout the day in the clubhouse at no charge to guests.
  • Towels and other amenities will be removed from the guest lounge for 2020 season and will be available upon request from our front desk.

Guest Rooms:

  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting protocols have been implemented to clean rooms after guests depart and before the next guest arrives, with attention paid to high-touch items.
    • Light Switches
    • Bedside Tables
    • Door Handles
    • Mini Fridge & Nespresso Machine
    • Bathroom Handles
    • Toilets
    • Safes
    • Remote Controls
    • Desk
    • HVAC Panels/Thermostat
    • Shower Fixtures
    • Telephones
    • Magazines
  • Single Use Sanitation wipes will be placed in rooms for guest use.
  • All Ice Buckets have been removed from guest rooms. Bags of ice will be available upon guest request through the front desk.
  • All guest amenities will be single use, personal sized items. Guest amenities will be removed and replaced in between stays.


  • Housekeeping staff will be equipped with the appropriate PPE while implementing additional cleaning measures. This includes masks, gloves and shoe covers.
  • Due to additional cleaning measures, housekeeping tidy services may take longer than our traditional cleaning times.
  • If guests are unwell, housekeeping services will be suspended to ensure the safety of staff, however amenity drop off will be available.


  • Guest Laundry Services will be unavailable for the 2020 season.

Public Areas:

  • All public area washrooms will be disinfected hourly by our Public Areas Teams.
  • All outdoor waste receptacles will be disinfected hourly.
  • All guest seating areas will be deep cleaned weekly.

Food and Beverage Operations:

  • Our Food & Beverage offering has been altered to adhere to public health recommendations. Please see below for details on dining options.
  • Dining options available to guests including dining in-restaurant, in-room delivery and takeout.
  • Dining parties may not exceed the limits set out by Public Health Officials (currently capped at 10 individuals).
  •  Food and beverage takeout menu options will be available on property.
  • All F&B staff will practice hand washing and/or sanitation between each guest transaction.
  • All on course F&B offerings will be debit/credit/room charge only.
  • All F&B POS systems will be sanitized on a regular and frequent basis.
  • All debit terminals will be wiped down after each transaction.
  • All guest dining roll ups & napkins will be prepared by staff wearing PPE and practicing safe and sanitary measures.


  • 7:00AM – 11:00AM – Dine-in breakfast.
  • Panorama will be closed for dinner until further notice.
  • Coffee & Tea station will be available to guests. Servers will operate and maintain with required PPE.
  • Cash free operation.

Cabot Bar:

  • 7:00AM – 11:00AM – Grab-and-go breakfast.
  • 11:00AM – 11:00PM – Dine-in or takeout lunch and dinner.
  • Kitchen closes at 10pm
  • Cash-free operation.

Public House:

  •  3:30PM – 12:00AM – Dine-in, takeout or in-room delivery for dinner.
  • Late night menu available after 10PM
  • While cash will still be accepted, credit and debit is encouraged.

On Course Offerings:

  • Hours of Operation
    • Cabot Links Harbor Hut 8:00AM – 6:00PM
    • Cabot Links Halfway Hut 8:00AM – 8:00PM
    • Cabot Cliffs Halfway Hut 6:00AM – 8:00PM (Modified open times based on first tee time)
  • All surfaces will be sanitized at least every 15 minutes or between transactions.
  • On course outlets will not accept cash. Payment methods will be card, room charge or city ledger charge.
  • All packaged ready to serve items will be wiped down prior to being placed on display.

Golf Operations


  • Guests will be responsible for the loading and unloading of their golf baggage.
  • Change out bags will not be available.
  • Guest will be required to take their clubs to their rooms or store in their vehicle. Club storage for the 2020 season will not be available.
  • Club cleaning services will not be available.
  • Push Carts will be available for use by guests. Push Carts will be sanitized before and after guest use. They will be staged and placed at social distancing measures for guests to load their clubs prior to their tee time.
  • Club rentals will be available for the 2020 season; however, guests are encouraged to bring their own clubs. Clubs will be sanitized before and after each round and “rested” between each use. Guests will keep rental clubs with them for duration of stay.
  • Medical carts are available. Caddies will be responsible for Driving the Medical Cart.
  • Medical carts will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each round.

Pro Shop:

  • The Pro Shops will be equipped with Plexiglass shields at all till stations.
  • Point of sale terminals will be cleaned regularly, and between guest transactions.
  • Guests are encouraged to use card, room charge or ledger charge in all outlets.
  • All prepaid guests will not require check in at the pro shop
  • Resort Guests – All resort guests will have green fees added to their room folios, prior to tee time.   Any other pro shop purchases will be charged to their room in person.
  • Non-Resort Guests – While we have received deposits for 50% of guest green fees at time of booking, we still require payment for the additional 50% and anticipate doing this by charging the credit cards on file. If the guests need to pay for their own remaining portion, those guests will be allowed into the pro shop based on the restricted numbers of guests allowed at one time to pay accordingly.
  • Both Pro Shops will have designated entry and exit points for all guests.
  • Sanitation stations will be located at entry, exit, purchase points as well as guest washrooms.
  • Pro shop will be limited to a specific number of guests at any one time as mandated.
  • Guests will have the option of in person pro shop shopping, online offerings, and virtual shopping in some form by calling the pro shop.
  • Essential golfing items will be available to purchase, with one on display and items will be gathered by staff on request.
  • Guests will be prohibited from trying on retail merchandise. Change rooms will be
    unavailable for the 2020 season.
  • Returns will be allowed provided that the product was not worn. Returned items will be
    disinfected/steamed and will be isolated for a minimum of 72 hours before being returned into available inventory.
  • All inventory will be steamed and is required to sit for 48 hours prior to being sent to the pro shops for sale.
  • Pro Shop ATM will remain available to guests. It will be disinfected on a regular basis.

Practice Area:

  • The Practice Range will be open with 10 feet spacing between each stall.
  • Golf operations staff will monitor practice areas to ensure social distancing is maintained.
  • Golf troughs will be tipped over to allow for easy access with limited touch points.
  • Tees will not be available at the driving range.
  • Club cleaner stations will be removed.
  • The practice putting greens will remain open, however we will be removing the pins and the cups will be modified to avoid guests from touching the cup when retrieving balls.
  • Practice golf balls will be removed from chipping green and putting green.

Lessons & Clinics:

  • Lessons and clinics are available. These must be booked in advance and social distancing measures will be enforced.

On Course:

  • The tee sheet times will be modified to meet demand and allow for social distancing practices.
  • No Rakes in Bunkers
  • Flags are to remain stationary/do not touch flags
  • Cups will be modified so that players will be able to access their ball without touching the flag or cup itself.
  • On-course washrooms are available and there are sanitation stations located in each one. Our staff have increased the cleaning frequency of on course washrooms.
  • Delivery of scorecards, pencils and tees offered prepackaged in bags. This will be handed out by the starter while wearing PPE.
  • A sanitation station and disinfectant will be available at the starter hut.
  • There will be no cookie offering at the first tee.
  • Hydration stations will be closed until further notice. However, bottled water will be available at the first tee.
  • It is imperative that physical distancing is utilized throughout the round.
  • Benches on course will be removed until further notice.
  • Tee time will be at 12 minutes, however, if and when possible, we will aim to increase the time between groups, in an effort to prevent congestion.
  • Player Assistants and Cabot staff will monitor play to ensure social distancing is maintained.
    • In the event of inclement weather, guests are asked to return to their rooms or vehicles. As restrictions are lifted, Cabot outlets will be permitted with social distancing norms in place.
  • For lightening delays, first priority is guest safety. Guests will be given PPE for shuttle services, when being transported from on course to their rooms/vehicles.
  • The F&B huts and Beverage Cart on course will be card or room charge only. No cash will be accepted.
  • The F&B Cart on course will be equipped with sanitation equipment for the safety of staff and guests.
  • On course F&B outlets will be equipped with additional PPE to ensure food safety & distribution.
  • There will be no cool or warm towel distribution to guests after completion of round.


  • The Golf Services Supervisor/Caddie Master will be responsible for administering temperature checks for caddies to ensure they are in good health.
  • Caddie yard will offer only single bag carrying. The caddie will set down the guest clubs,
    step away for physical distancing, provide yardage and information for the shot and the
    guest will select/grab their own club.
  • Medical carts will be single use only. Guest will drive the cart and the caddie will walk.
  • Caddies are not to touch flags, golf clubs or golf balls.
  • If Group caddie, the caddie will provide information while social distancing but will not clean guest clubs or golf balls. Group caddies may be provided a bunker rake that only they use and will take with them throughout the round. This rake will be disinfected before it is presented to the caddie and after the caddie returns it.


Will the activities we have come to love and know be available for the 2020 season?
While there have been some changes to availability, many of our activities will remain available to you, such as bike rentals, Mercedes test drive experience, and trips to our national and provincial parks. Should you be interested in booking any activities during your stay, please speak to a member of our Guest Services team, who will confirm availability for you.

  • Tubing the Margaree
  • Bike Rentals & Excursions
  • Guided Salmon Fishing
  • Kayak Tours

Will there be additional shuttles offered between courses to allow for social distancing?
There will be no additional shuttles travelling between the golf courses. Guests are encouraged to drive their own vehicles in an effort to keep socially distanced. Should guests require shuttles, they are encouraged to ensure they have adequate time to take transportation and arrive on site to enjoy the facilities prior to their tee time.


Will the boardroom be available for booking by guests?
Our boardroom will be available for booking by guests; however, we will have a limited number of seats available to ensure social distancing practices. Booking processes remain unchanged and can be done through our Reservations/Front Desk team.


What is the Maximum number of caddies allowed per group?
The maximum number of caddies per group will remain at 4. This may be modified based on public health restrictions and will be updated and communicated accordingly.


How can I view my receipt?
Upon check out, all guests will receive an email receipt. For any questions regarding your previous stay, please call reservations at 855 652 2268.


If I order take out, am I able to enjoy patio seating to enjoy my meal?
Unfortunately, at this time the province of Nova Scotia’s restriction do not allow for patio seating and dining.


Is your staff going to practice proper cleaning procedures and has proper training been provided in regard to proper sanitation and PPE?
Our dedicated team has been working tirelessly with local, provincial and federal governments to create an inclusive and safe environment not only for you, our guests, but also the ongoing safety and well being of our staff, their families, and our local communities here in Cape Breton. We will have clearly marked signage posted, as well as staff to direct traffic, and many sanitizing and cleaning options available throughout all of our dining outlets and high traffic areas.

All staff have also been provided intensive training relating to COVID-19 and will be properly equipped to handle any and all sanitary concerns.


What dining options will be available to us throughout our stay and are we to eat only in our rooms? At this point we will be offering:
There will be a breakfast “Grab and Go” with many healthy options to choose from in our Panorama dining outlet, here you can grab all your breakfast needs plus coffee, fresh healthy smoothies, juices, and even locally made Kombucha. On top of these offerings we will also have a full breakfast Take out menu available for those who prefer to have a slower morning, for this option we would recommend calling in advance to minimize your waiting times. Then you would be able to return to your room to relax with a sit-down breakfast. Unfortunately, there is no in restaurant dining options at the moment.

Lunch will be offered in the form of take out which you will be able to enjoy in your suite. Lunch will be available from 11am in our Cabot Bar. We would recommend calling in advance to place your order with our Food and Beverage Team so we can all easily practice social distancing and follow the guidelines set out by the province.

On top of the full take out menu options for lunch, our Pantry and Halfway Huts will be set with pre-made sandwiches and wraps and healthy snacks if you prefer a quicker on the go lunch.

Dinner and Late night – Dinner will be offered in a few different ways; Our Cabot Bar full day menu will be available for take out to be enjoyed in your suite. Once again, we would recommend calling in advance to minimize wait times and ensure we are able to follow social distancing restrictions.

We will also have our full Cabot Public House menu available with great pizzas, salads, burgers, and other offerings that will be available for direct delivery to your room. You will also be able to call in advance to place a takeout order if you prefer to pick up your meal. Please note, delivery times may vary based upon business levels, we encourage you to call in your order in advance to ensure your meal is ready and delivered when you would like it.

At this time all of our dining outlets are restricted to take out or in room dining only. Unfortunately, our patios, dining rooms, and communal areas will be closed for dining. But rest assured our Food and Beverage Team will be working diligently to ensure you have an outstanding dining experience.


Do you accept cash on delivery or within your dining establishments?
Much like many other operators we at Cabot are striving to remain cashless in our transactions. This will help to ensure the ongoing safety of our staff, our guests, and our communities. We encourage all guests who are staying with us to charge all dining and beverages to your room as this will limit the amount of transactions you yourself would have to make while staying with us. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance at any time while on property if you have any questions regarding payment methods.

For those guests who are visiting Cabot for the day we accept all major credit cards, and debit payments. We will be diligent in our cleaning and sanitization of our hand-held debit terminals, as well as any high contact areas. At this point we are working closely with financial institutions to increase the tap limit so you will have no problems while on site.

In the unlikely event that one does not have any other source but cash, there will be a limited cash supply with our bartending and management staff who will be able to assist you. But we cannot stress enough, for everyone’s safety, we would like to remain as cashless as possible.


Will the Pro Shop be open?
Yes. Both the Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs pro shops are open with operational adjustments in order to comply with social distancing requirements. While we will be pre-checking in most guests for green fees prior to play, guests will be allowed into the pro shops. Retail items may be arranged by room drop or pick up.


Will caddies or at least a forecaddie be available for the group?
Yes. Bag carrying caddies will be single bag carrying only, and forecaddies are also available. The caddie service experience will be adjusted to ensure social distancing and use of appropriate PPE. Bag carrying caddies will:

  • Carry your golf bag
  • Provide yardages and recommendations on the shot to be played
  • Read greens

Adjustments will include:

  • Guest to clean their own clubs
  • Guest to clean their own golf balls
  • Bunkers will not have rakes in them, and foot raking is appreciated

How will the course be playing into the hole?
Cabot has focused on maintaining the integrity of the game, while reducing touch points and ensuring that golf will comply with social distancing protocols.  While flags will remain in the holes at all times and are not to be touched by golfers, Cabot is using a device to elevate the bottom of the cup in order for golf balls to be played into the hole, but easily accessible to retrieve without the golfer having to touch the flag or cup.


What options do guests have to make their stay “touchless”?
A few of the things that we are doing to make your stay “touchless” include:

  • Collecting Credit Card information prior to or upon arrival for an express check out
  • Pre-registering you for check in and preparing your keys in advance of your arrival.
  • Resort guests will not require check in for golf. Charges will be posted to your room folio.
  • The Public House will offer in room delivery, with a charge to your room and a knock on your door

How often are public hotel areas being cleaned?
All public areas will be cleaned on an hourly basis. Cleaning standards will be increased and maintained by both our Public Areas team along with assistance from each department to ensure your comfort and safety.


Are there limits on how many people can congregate in the Guest Service area or other public areas on property?
Social distancing prevails in all spaces. As many of our buildings are of various sizes, you will notice signage that states occupancy allowances based on Public Health Restrictions.

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