Cliffs 4
4th Hole – Cabot Cliffs

4th Hole – Cabot Cliffs

Hole 4—Par 3

221 yards (to left green).


Players will notice immediately there are two greens on this hole, which is unique.

On the scorecard the left-hand green will appear as the longest par 3 on the course. But in reality, it plays far shorter than its listed yardage. There’s a large bunker in the foreground from the tee, but any ball that carries the left centre of that hazard will bounce on the firm turf and roll onto the green. On the scorecard it looks difficult, but compared to other one-shot holes on the course, scores will likely be lower.

As the hole was being built, there was a pile of earth to the right of the main bunker. We had originally wanted the hole to line up with the river, but struggled to make it work in their routing. Eventually a decision was made to add a second green to the right that lines up with the river, and the result is spectacular, with a strong left-to-right feel to the hole. The right green is equally beautiful, but significantly shorter, and more difficult than the longer version of the hole.

In the end, there are two great holes in one. How often does that happen?

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