Cliffs 3
3rd Hole – Cabot Cliffs

3rd Hole – Cabot Cliffs

Hole 3—Par 4

389 yards.

The first hole gives you magnificent views of the ocean, while the second hole brings you closer to it. The third turns away from the ocean.

Given that, it wouldn’t seem as dramatic, but this is a hole that will surprise you. The combination of the natural valley that runs through the fairway and the higher ground on the left really forces decisions off the tee.

Playing down into the valley is an obvious shot, but the left side presents a better angle at the green, though the approach will be partially blind. Different players will tackle this one in their own unique ways. That’s a theme that is consistent throughout the course—we like to give you options and let you decide what you’re up for. Do you want to be on the top left of the fairway with an easier approach, or would you prefer a far safer tee shot in the valley, but faced with a tougher approach? It is a subtle hole, but one of our favourite designs on the property.

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