Cliffs 2
2nd Hole – Cabot Cliffs

2nd Hole – Cabot Cliffs

Hole 2—Par 4

401 yards.

This is one of the most highly individualistic holes we’ve created in our career, and it is also one of the most unique golf holes we’ve ever seen. On its face it has views of the ocean, which makes it breathtaking, and width that suggests the fairway is impossible to miss.

However, there’s a mystery to the hole and it doesn’t reveal itself right away. It gives you options, and depending on where the flag is, you’ll have to make the correct decision off the tee or face a challenging approach.

There are holes where how they are played is dictated by a prominent feature. That’s the case on this par four, where a central natural dune that fronts the green really impacts how you play the hole. The fairway is massive, but you have to choose where you want to be to best attack the pin. For some players, what you think is best isn’t necessarily the most desirable spot, but depending on where the pin is, you may not want to be in the middle of the fairway, and instead play well to the right or left. It is a hole about decisions—and those decisions will surely impact your score.

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