Cliffs 17
17th Hole – Cabot Cliffs

17th Hole – Cabot Cliffs

Hole 17—Par 4

331 yards.

This is another hole where the tee shot appears daunting, but the real challenge is recognizing the shot is also uphill, making the carry greater than you think, especially if you are taking a route close to the green. But once you’re over the cliff, the land helps you dramatically, propelling you ball towards the putting surface.

The 17th hole revealed itself immediately after we walked from the area that became the 16th green. We remember thinking, “My God, this has to be a hole.”

We wanted it to be a short four that would be a lot of fun and receptive. There’s a huge fairway to play to and people who are strong and courageous can drive the green. The feature that really defines the hole is the juxtaposition of two bunkers down in front of the green. If you play wide left you’ll have to contend with those bunkers, making your pitch more of a challenge than it initially appears.

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