Cliffs 15
15th Hole – Cabot Cliffs

15th Hole – Cabot Cliffs


Hole 15—Par 5

562 yards.

There’s a lot of fairway on this hole, but how you play it will be determined by the route you take off the tee. While there is more area to the right, aggressive players who want to try to get to the green with their second shot will need to be on the higher ground on the left, an area protected by bunkers.

We think people who have been around golf will think there must be a reason to play up the left, while those who play down the right will have a blind second shot.

The fairway naturally presented itself this way, and those who hit to the left will have a clear view of the green and be able to manage the centre hazard.

It was there naturally and we took advantage of it. In fact, the hole is highly reachable for a strong player and you don’t even have to carry the central bunker. You can play right or left of it and get it running. If the turf is firm, hitting it over the green will be a factor.

Once you’ve arrived at the green you’ll notice there’s a beautiful contour right in front that defines the pin placement. For an accomplished player, this will determine whether you play right or left to get closest to the flag.

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