Cliffs 12
12th Hole – Cabot Cliffs

12th Hole – Cabot Cliffs

Hole 12—Par 3

245 yards.


Like a rollercoaster, Cabot Cliffs has ebbs and flows, and this hole elevates the visual element as it turns you back to the ocean once again.

That said, it is a long par three and missing the green is going to make for a tough recovery. Truthfully you’ll prefer to be in the bunker right of the green than down the hill to the left, which will lead to a very difficult pitch.

The 12th is visually interesting and is a very demanding par three, and once again the wind will be a big factor. It will play easier with the wind coming from the left than the right. Regardless, walking off with a three at 12 should leave you very happy indeed.

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