Cliffs 10
10th Hole – Cabot Cliffs

10th Hole – Cabot Cliffs

Hole 10—Par 5

557 yards.


A hole that really connects you to the ocean after the short adventure on the 9th, the 10th hole is influenced by both the cliffs and the ravine that fronts the green. The fairway plays tight to the ocean all the way to the green, challenging you to play along the cliff and deal with the edge all the way along. Still, it is a hole that gives you options—there is plenty of width. If you want to challenge the green in two, that option is there, but for the rest of us the question is whether to play around the ravine or take it head on. You’re actually better off to play short of the ravine and closer to the cliff and have a perfect angle at the green.

The hole asks, “Am I willing to play close to the cliffs all the way along for a better angle?” If you shy away and play right, your angle is not nearly as good. The way the green is contoured, if you are at the right, it isn’t advantageous if you’re trying to get it close.

The left corner close to the cliff puts you in the best position to tackle the green.

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